How Nannies Can Help Kids Pull Off Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks

Ideas for April Fools' day. April fools day ideas for the nanny and your kids.

Kids Ideas for April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day is here! For kids with a mischievous streak, it’s the perfect opportunity to pull off some harmless yet hilarious pranks on their unsuspecting parents. With a little creativity and the help of a trusted nanny, children can execute these pranks flawlessly. Here are six fun and creative kids ideas for April Fools’ Day that are sure to leave parents scratching their heads and laughing along with their kids.

Toothpaste Oreos

Start the day off with a toothpaste twist on a classic snack. With the help of their nanny, kids can carefully scrape off the creamy center of Oreo cookies and replace it with white toothpaste. Then, the nanny can assist in serving these “special treats” to the parents, while the kids eagerly await their reactions. Just be prepared for some surprised expressions and maybe a few laughs!

Swap Salt and Sugar

This classic prank is easy to pull off with the help of a nanny. Kids can work together with their nanny to switch the contents of the salt shaker with the sugar bowl. As the parents go about their morning routine, the nanny can observe their reactions as they encounter the unexpected salty surprise in their coffee or cereal.

Alarm Clock Switcheroo

Keep parents on their toes throughout the day with this sneaky prank. With the help of their nanny, kids can set all the alarm clocks in the house to go off at random times. While the parents are puzzled by the unexpected wake-up calls, the nanny can help ensure that the prank runs smoothly, maybe even sharing a knowing smile with the kids.

Remote Control Swap

Give parents a taste of frustration with this simple yet effective prank. With the assistance of their nanny, kids can replace the batteries in the TV remote control with dead batteries or remove them altogether. As the parents try in vain to change channels or adjust the volume, the nanny can discreetly observe the hilarity unfold.

Jell-O Juice

Serve up a refreshing (and slightly jiggly) surprise with this clever prank. Kids can work alongside their nanny to prepare fruit juice and pour it into clear drinking glasses. With the nanny’s guidance, they can add a small amount of unflavored gelatin powder to each glass and refrigerate until set. Then, the nanny can assist in serving the “solid” juice to the parents, adding to the element of surprise.

Switch Shoe Laces

Add a pop of color and fun to parents’ footwear with this playful prank. With the help of their nanny, kids can replace the laces in their parents’ shoes with brightly colored or mismatched laces. When the parents go to put on their shoes, they’ll be surprised to find a fun twist waiting for them, with the nanny and kids sharing a chuckle at their reactions.


With the assistance of a nanny, children can execute these kids April Fools’ Day ideas and pranks with ease and ensure that they’re both fun and harmless. It’s a great opportunity for kids to bond with their nanny while creating lasting memories with their parents. Just remember, the key to a successful prank is to keep it lighthearted and to share a laugh with everyone involved. Happy pranking!

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