Short-term Nanny Service

Enjoy the best Nannies with our most flexible program.
nanny is giving a child a piggy back ride while pointing at the webpage title which reads "short-term nanny services"
Picture shows a short-term nanny cooking with a smiling child. Kensington nanny services also provide short-term care.

Beyond Babysitting: Experience top quality child care tailored to your child’s needs.

At Kensington, we offer short-term nanny staffing with no contract or upfront fees. When you sign up for this program, you get unlimited nanny services for a 30-day period.

With up to 24/7 childcare, this program is great for families who need a nanny for less than 12 months.

Let your children enjoy an exceptional and dedicated Kensington nanny. All nannies are fully screened.

Our Nannies earn us the Best Reviews

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

Have flexibility unlike any other with this short-term nanny program

Short-term service is for families who are uncertain how long they need their nanny or are in need of seasonal or vacation childcare. This program has you covered for not only weekly schedules but date nights, weekends, and holidays too. 

There is no contract with the short-term service. You can renew it monthly or cancel when you no longer need a nanny.

Qualities of Kensington Nannies:

Program Fee & Rates

The short-term booking is $595 per month per nanny. Nanny’s rates are subject to a 4-hour minimumholiday rates may vary.  

The following hourly rates are paid to the nannies directly: 1 child, $30/hr, 2 children $32.50/hr, 3 children $35/hr, 4 children $40/hr. 

For more than 4 children, please contact us for a quote.

If short-term booking is not what you need, check out our long-term placement or daily babysitting service. 

How it works

A booking fee is processed each month as services continue. The fee does not include the Nanny’s pay. The hourly rate is typically paid directly to the Nanny at the end of each week.