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Kensington Nanny agency is the #1 recommended local Nanny service in South Florida. Find and hire the best Nanny for your family. Services are offered in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding areas.

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The most popular choice. Includes Free-for-Life Nanny service option. Find a full-time or part-time Nanny.
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'No Fee' Nanny Program

Ideal for hiring multiple Nannies and need our Nanny service to manage the employment. Approval required.

Babysitting Services

Book a date-night or temporary Nanny. We'll provide a great temporary Nanny for you. 4-hour min.

Our Specialties

You get when you use Kensington.
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  • Full-time, Live-out Nannies
  • Nanny plus Light Housekeeping
  • Mother’s Helpers
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  • Morning Nannies
  • Newborn Care
  • Certified Baby Nurses
  • Overnight Care
Best Agency Reviews
  • Short-term Nannies
  • Temp Nannies
  • Vacation Nannies
"Everyone was extremely helpful throughout our hiring process. I highly recommend your Nanny service."
~ P. Klein

Nanny Services

Hire a Full-time Nanny

The Kensington Nanny agency offers custom Nanny service plan options to help you hire the best full-time Nanny.

We begin with a Nanny search at no cost or obligation and send you customized candidates that meet your requirements.

The agency works with only the top 10% of the Nannies in South Florida.


Every Nanny we refer is carefully selected, highly qualified and fits your family’s needs. We help you to find and hire the best Nanny for your family. 

You are in control of the process. You set the Nanny’s schedule, job requirements and pay rate. Full-time Kensington Nannies work 30+ hours per week. We also provide weekend, and overnight Nanny service. There are no upfront fees because you only pay a fee if you hire a Nanny.

Hire a Part-time Nanny

With the part-time services, you received the same level of personalization as with our full-time services. With the part-time Nanny service, we begin with a Nanny search at no cost or obligation and send you customized candidates that meet your requirements. 

Only the best nannies are selected. Every Nanny is carefully selected, fully screened, highly qualified and fits your family’s needs. We help you to find and hire the best Nanny for your family. 

Part-time Nannies work a minimum 30/hours per week. You are in control of the process. You set the schedule, job requirements and pay rate. We also have morning, weekend, and overnight Nanny service. Please note: there’s a waiting list for after-school Nanny placements. You have peace-of-mind because there are no upfront fees until you hire your Nanny.

Nanny with Baby

Which Nanny Program is Right for You?

Screening Assurance

Since 2003, My Kensington Nanny has performed the most diligent screening possible. Our Nanny screening and selection includes:

  • In-person Interview

    An in-person, behavior-based interview to determine the Nanny's suited age groups

  • Childcare Skills Assessment

    A Childcare Skills Assessment requiring a passing grade to qualify for placement

  • CPR/First Aid

    The requirement to have a current CPR/First Aid certification

  • Background Check

    A multi-level background investigation

  • References

    Verification of the Nanny's references to ensure excellence

We do our best to ensure the best Nanny selection & service to families that need a full-time, part-time or temporary Nanny in these service areas. Learn More About Our Screening

Kensington Nanny Child - service

Why Use a Local Nanny Agency?

Kensington Nanny is a local Nanny service that is well known in the community. We meet and hand-select all candidates in person. We do not use a database, but instead, we provide specialized recruiting for your position.


Using a Nanny Agency is a safer alternative when hiring a Nanny to care for your precious children because Kensington Nannies are known and trusted. They are thoroughly investigated before being custom-matched to your family.


Meet Angela

Angela is a proud mother of two children, ages 20 and 27, and the founder of My Kensington Nanny Service. She is also a former International Nanny Association member and a member of both the Junior League of Boca Raton & the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. In 2003, she introduced the first Kensington Nanny agency, modeling it after the world-class Nanny services she used for many years whilst traveling abroad. 

“As a Mom, I want to do my best to help you find a great Nanny for your family. We are an agency of skilled professionals. We have personally interviewed hundreds of Nannies – it’s what we do!  Anyone we refer will be personally recommended, carefully screened and fully experienced.” – Angela

Angela Kensington Nanny agency owner
Angela, Founder of Kensington Nanny
"Our Nanny has become like a member of our family."
~ J. Messinger
Boca Raton

Download The Quick Reference for Hiring a Nanny

Compare Nanny Agency Services

Check the comparison chart here. We want to ensure that you are confident in our services before you make the decision about using our Nanny services to hire a Nanny.

My Kensington Nanny Other Agencies Internet Websites
Fee Structure
Flat fee, and not based on a percentage.
10-20% of the Nanny's salary.
There is no placement fee because personalized placement services are not offered.
Interview Type
Behavioral interview, face-to-face, in person. Determines the personality type, how she reacts to stress and her suitability to provide directed, age-appropriate development of the child's social, emotional, and cognitive learning.
Basic interview. Additionally, some local agencies do not interview the candidates face-to-face.
No interview because no services are being offered.
Childcare Skills Test
Yes, candidates must achieve a passing grade. The test determines the Nanny's knowledge of childcare and professionalism.
No test
No test
Determines ages Nanny is suited to care
Replacement Policy
Lifetime, no-end replacement policy offered
30 days to 12 months

Choosing the best Nanny agency service is an important decision for every family looking to find a Nanny. Differences between Kensington Nanny, other Nanny agencies and internet websites vary greatly. You have choices. Unlike other agencies, Kensington Nanny will never make you pay another placement fee if you opt for our Free-for-Life service.

You Have Professional Assistance to Help You Find a Nanny

Hiring a full-time Nanny is the most popular Nanny service that families use when they need to find the best Nanny for their family. But we can do more. For families that need various schedules such as a part-time Nanny, a flexible Nanny, or a seasonal Nanny, the Kensington Nanny agency services are the best. Sometimes what a family needs is a mother’s helper for mornings or afternoons. Mother’s Helpers are excellent when Mom (or Dad) needs help getting the children up and ready for school or preschool, help with organization and light housekeeping, cooking and laundry, and driving to/from school. We require our professional Nannies to have reliable transportation and an excellent driving record.

Do you need a newborn or infant Nanny? Or do you have an energetic toddler? We have Nannies who specialize in certain age groups. When you hire Kensington Nanny to help you hire a Nanny then we will match a Nanny specifically to your needs.

Duties & Expectations of a Typical Nanny

When choosing a Nanny, here are some of the typical job duties that you may expect her to perform. When you hire a Nanny from Kensington Nanny, it is important that you use our Nanny agency’s Nanny/Family Work Agreement. This is a complimentary service provided to all new clients – regardless of your full-time or part-time needs.

Below is a list of the typical job duties for a full-time Nanny. 

  • Create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for the children
  • Supervise the children’s activities at all times
  • Teach the children good social manners
  • Play with the children, both indoors and outdoors
  • Plan and lead educational activities, including reading, with the children
  • Perform housework related to child care, including washing the children’s clothes, cleaning up after meals, tidying play areas, and washing bottles
  • Discipline the children, when necessary
  • Drive the children to and from activities
  • Plan and prepare meals and bottles for, and feed, the children
  • Dress the children
  • Place the children down for naps and bedtime
  • Bathe the children
  • Change diapers
  • Potty train the children

Typical Qualifications & Requirements

Typically, nannies meet the below job requirements:

  • High school graduate
  • Experience caring for children
  • Training in early childhood education preferred
  • First aid training and child and infant CPR
  • Car, driver’s license, auto insurance, and safe driving history
  • Authorization to work in the U.S.
  • English proficiency
  • Reliable, honest, and trustworthy
  • Physical ability to care for a young child
  • Ability to plan, organize, and multitask with minimal supervision

What Type of Nanny Do You Need?

If you are looking to hire a Nanny, you’ll have to think about what type of local Nanny to hire. Do you want a fun and active local Nanny? Do you prefer a nurturing and mature, granny-like local Nanny? We have Nannies that are perfect for working parents! If you are wanting to hire a Nanny, reach out to us and we can help you find the perfect local Nanny for your family. We have all different types of local Nannies servicing Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, including Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Wellington, etc.

Kensington Nanny Agency is the Best Service for Hiring a Nanny

What makes Kensington Nanny unique is how we recruit, select & register our Nannies. When you decide to hire a Nanny, you will meet nannies that have at least 3 years of verifiable experience, no gaps in their employment history, passed a Nanny skills test, had a personal interview, and also had a 5-level background check performed.


Part of our Nanny service includes determining for what age child the Nanny is best at caring. We decide this based on the conversation we have during her interview. The interviewer has over 20 years of experience as a Nanny agency interviewer.


Kensington places Nannies in Broward and Palm Beach counties. We have Boca Raton and Delray Beach Nannies, nannies in Parkland and Coral Springs, Nannies Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano, Hollywood, and Aventura. We have Nannies in Weston and Sunrise. Basically, we offer Nanny agency services throughout South Florida.

Nanny Agency Tools and Resources for Families

When you choose Kensington Nanny as your Nanny placement service, we will provide you with custom interview questions, a Nanny rating sheet and also a customizable Nanny & Family Work Agreement. This way, you can make sure that the Nanny you hire is the perfect match for your family. Even though Kensington will send you the best nannies, you will make the final decision about which Nanny to hire. The tools and resources we give you are designed to help you make the best decision for you and your child/ren.

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