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We offer exceptional full-time placement services, including a custom search for your family.
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Hiring a Full-time Nanny is Easy

At Kensington Nanny agency, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to every nanny search we perform. Each search is meticulously designed to attract professional nannies who are perfectly alighted with your unique needs.  

With us, you’re empowered to interview and select the ideal candidate while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive screening process. We go beyond mere criminal and driving record checks, delving deep into carious aspects to ensure suitability and quality of our nannies. (We also have more services available for date night or short-term childcare.)

How our service works:


We start with a consultation to review your needs. Then, we’ll talk directly to candidates on your behalf to determine the best match.

Meet Nannies

Your dedicated family coordinator reviews the candidates together with you, then schedules your interviews.

Hire Your Nanny

After meeting with the selected Nannies, you choose who you wish to hire. We handle the rest.

The Placement Fee

We initiate the process with a complimentary custom search, which carries no obligation on your part. This includes assigning you a dedicated family coordinator who will oversee the search, facilitate personal interviews, and assist you throughout the hiring process.

Upon selecting a candidate and confirming your decision to hire, the placement fee becomes payable. 

For full-time roles (more than 30 hours per week), the placement fee is $6,995. Payment must be made before the nanny begins working in your home.

Additionally, to provide you with peace of mind, our program includes a 90-day replacement policy. Please note that these placement fees apply per hire.

Have questions first? Contact us.

Choose our service, experience the best perks

We take care of all the intricacies, including scheduling and communication, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters—your family.

Our experts possess the know-how to identify exceptional nannies and can assist in crafting an appealing job opportunity.

With our complimentary hiring tools and resources ensure a streamlined experience for you and your new nanny.

Our Full Time Nannies earn us the Best Reviews

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

Qualities of the best Kensington Nannies:

At our agency, we prioritize a tailored approach to childcare, emphasizing not only the basic needs of children but also their individual educational and developmental milestones.

Our commitment to excellence means that we seek out nannies who embody these values, ensuring that they are not only experienced and reliable but also culturally competent and capable of providing holistic care.

By incorporating educational and milestone-focused strategies into their childcare practices, these nannies can offer your child the best possible start in life.

Additionally, Nannies who provide whole-child care are few and far between. But with our 20 years of experience, we have learned how to find and screen for nannies with these skills. 

Doing the leg-work for our families offers the most value and makes for the best placements – it’s that simple! 

If you need care for less than 12 months, check out our short-term nanny program or on-call babysitting service.

Kensington's Ultimate Hiring Guidebook Image. Kensington is a local nanny agency and provides guidance for hiring nannies in South Florida.

First time hiring a nanny?

This helpful article covers everything you need to know about hiring a full-time nanny in South Florida including typical salaries, schedules, and job duties.

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

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Once you submit the Family Application we will contact you to review it to and understand your needs. Kensington conducts a personalized search. We do not use a database because each family is unique.

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