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For over 20 years, Kensington Nanny service has helped families to find a nanny or babysitter throughout South Florida. Our impeccable track record speaks volumes. Hire a nanny using a local nanny agency with the best reputation proven by top-notch reviews and a sprawling referral network throughout South Florida.

Large Referral Network

Because of our amazing service and high success rate, we have a large nanny referral network between families and nannies alike! Find out what families are saying about Kensington Nanny, the most recommended local nanny agency. We have nannies available for hire immediately! Get started now to find your nanny today.

Top-notch Reviews

Beyond Screening: Crafting Connections with Care

Exceptional Nannies, Deliberately Chosen

We take pride in the art of matchmaking, ensuring every nanny is meticulously screened through face-to-face interviews using a behavior-based methodology.

Candidates undergo thorough vetting before they even reach your doorstep. Hire a local nanny agency today.

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Top-notch Client Assistance

Expert Guidance At Every Step
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Hiring a professional nanny has never been easier – it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Our team is with you step-by-step through the process. 

Create a competitive position, attract the best talent. top-tier nannies. stellar housekeepers. professional nannies.

Before finding a nanny, we offer expert counsel to help you create a competitive position, attracting and retaining the finest talent. With us, the path to a harmonious home is paved with expert tools and resources, ensuring seamless onboarding and training.

Complimentary hiring tools:

Suggested interview questions and suggestions on what to look for during your interview. 

Customizable work agreement that you can provide to your new Nanny to detail her job description, house rules, benefits, etc.

Helping you understand Florida domestic employment laws and standard practice.

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First time hiring a Nanny?

Hear from a local nanny agency and learn more about hiring a professional nanny in South Florida, including competitive compensation, job duties, and schedules.

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

Have a question first?

Kensington Nanny is here to help! Contact us or send a text to 561-923-0856. We’re available 10am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday to answer questions.

Want to learn more about Nanny Payroll?

We work with HomePay by Breedlove and Associates. Their payroll options for nanny services have been around for as long as we have, providing helpful services to our families. If you are hiring a nanny and want to learn more about payroll, click here to visit their website