Hiring and Working with a Nanny in South Florida: The Ultimate Guide

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This article offers a quick reference that outlines the local standards for hiring a nanny in South Florida. Hopefully this information will help you to create a competitive position that attracts the best possible candidates for your family. Contact us if you have any questions.

Let’s start with the basics.

Nanny pay rates and expectations vary depending on your location. South Florida, encompassing Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, as well as cities like Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Miami, may exhibit some variation. Our placement team can offer tailored guidance on specific details for your area. This article will outline standard nanny requirements, job duties, and salaries in South Florida.

Typical Nanny Qualifications

When hiring a nanny in South Florida there are certain qualifications and requirements which are generally expected. A prospective nanny should, at a minimum, have non-family-member experience caring for children. Additional qualifications can include training in early childhood education, first aid training, and child and infant CPR. A reliable transportation with a safe driving history is essential, along with authorization to work in the U.S., English proficiency, and traits such as reliability, honesty, and trustworthiness. Moreover, the physical ability to care for a young child and the capacity to plan, organize, and multitask with minimal supervision are also crucial.

At Kensington, we not only uphold these basic qualifications but also exceed them through our rigorous screening process. We specifically mandate a minimum of 5 years of recent, verifiable professional experience. Our agency specializes in identifying the most qualified nannies in South Florida. We provide the added assurance that candidates are not only qualified but have demonstrated excellence in their roles, setting them apart from those found on generic online databases.

Typical Nanny Job Duties

A full-time nanny typically performs a range of duties centered around creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. These tasks include supervising activities, preparing meals, dressing and bathing the children, handling diaper changes, potty training, and conducting various housework related to childcare. Nannies may also engage in educational activities, play indoors and outdoors, and drive children to and from activities. Discipline and administering medication may also be part of their responsibilities. It’s important to note that each family’s needs vary, and expectations are usually outlined in a Work Contract.

At Kensington, we simplify the process by providing complimentary tools such as a customizable family/nanny work contract, ensuring that essential details are covered. Our agency ensures that candidates can meet the unique needs of each family, and our services extend to both nannies and housekeepers for families requiring additional support with house cleaning duties.

Custodial v/s Whole Child Care

A babysitter primarily supervises a child, while a nanny actively engages in planning and conducting developmental activities to enhance the child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Nannies dedicate weekly time to activities such as motor skills development, reading, counting, and fostering social interactions, offering a holistic approach to childcare beyond mere supervision.

To learn more about nanny job duties and care, visit the Hiring Guide for Nanny Job Duties and Responsibilities.

Nanny Pay Rates in South Florida

Nanny pay rates in South Florida are determined by a combination of the nanny’s verified childcare experience and the specific job requirements of the family. Currently, single-child families in the region are offering rates ranging from $25 to $35 per hour for nannies with more than 5 years of recent, non-family-member, long-term, private duty nanny experience. This salary range is flexible, taking into account factors such as the number of children, special needs, additional responsibilities like cooking or housekeeping, educational requirements, flexible hours, and more.

It’s worth noting that families offering more competitive salaries generally attract more motivated and qualified nannies. While families offering less than $25 per hour may still attract good candidates, the level of experience and education might vary. Pay consistency is crucial, as most nannies rely on a stable income each week. Offering a consistent weekly salary, even during periods like vacations or travel, enhances candidate attraction and retention. Recognizing the financial stability and respect for their time helps in fostering long-term relationships with nannies. For personalized advice on determining competitive pay rates, contact Kensington Nanny.

For more information about Nanny salaries, visit our Hiring Guide for Nanny Salaries.

Full-picture Nanny Recruiting

Lastly, hiring a nanny in South Florida depends on attracting qualified candidates. To do this you need to look at the full-picture of the job you’re creating, not just compensation. For example, your job may have a competitive rate of $30/hr caring for one child. However, if the schedule is Monday to Wednesday 9am-6pm and every Saturday 7am-8pm, finding qualified candidates may be challenging. Even though this position is 40 hours per week, it includes every Saturday and long days. It’s important to consider all of the following factors when trying to attract great nannies:

  • Work Schedule and availability
  • Job Duties, will you require duties beyond childcare, like family meal prep, grocery shopping, or housekeeping?
  • Number of children and their ages
  • Child’s activities or school schedule
  • Compensation Package: salary, PTO, bonuses, holidays, sick days, etc.
  • Specialized skill requirements such as special needs, tutoring, twins or triplets.

If you’d like to start your search to find your perfect nanny, complete the family application.


For families considering hiring nannies in South Florida, it’s crucial to understand local standards and expectations. Kensington offers comprehensive guidance on nanny qualifications, job duties, and salaries in the region, tailoring advice to specific areas like Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. The agency’s rigorous screening process ensures that referred nannies exceed basic qualifications. The article emphasizes the holistic role of a nanny, distinguishing it from babysitters and highlighting the importance development-focused care. Kensington also provides tools like customizable work contracts to simplify the hiring process. For families in South Florida, the agency offers personalized advice on competitive pay rates and factors influencing candidate attraction and retention.

Key Takeaways

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