Newborn Care Specialists

At Kensington, connect with the best Newborn Care Specialists in South Florida.

Newborn Care Specialists

Connect with the best Newborn Care Specialists in South Florida.
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Hire the best Newborn Care Specialist for your baby

Bringing a new baby home can be overwhelming for new parents, especially if you are still recovering from delivery. Take the pressure off your shoulders by hiring a professional.

Enjoy your little bundle without feeling under-rested and overworked. Newborn Care Specialists give parents the time and energy to recoup before caring for baby’s needs alone.

Let your baby enjoy exceptional care by dedicated Kensington Newborn Care Specialists in South Florida. All NCSs are fully screened.

Our Newborn Care Specialists earn us the Best Reviews

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What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)?

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS), noun

(also known as a baby nurse or infant care specialist)

  1. A professional who specializes in providing expert care for newborns during their first few weeks or months of life, assisting parents in the care and development of their newborns.

What does an NCS do?

Schedule Options:

Day or Night Time Care

Night time hours are typically 7pm to 7am or similar. Day time hours are similar, 7am to 7pm. It is standard for the Newborn Care Specialist to work 10-13 hour shifts.

24 Hour Care

Typically, families will have 2-3 NCSs who rotate between days and nights. Rarely, a team will rotate a schedule of 24hr shifts. This is not the most common schedule for families.

Assignment Duration

Typically, Newborn Care Specialists work for a duration of 6-8 weeks. If more than 8 weeks is required, we recommend hiring an Infant Nanny to take over care for the baby.

Program Fee & Rates

The agency booking is $595 per month per NCS, plus the hourly or daily rate paid directly to your Newborn Care Specialist. Rates vary depending on the scope of work required and schedule availability. The average rates are usually between $45 and $75 per hour.

Please note: Each NCS requires a deposit to hold their availability and a signed contract prior to beginning services. Holiday rates may vary.

How it works

The booking fee is charged each month as services continue. The hourly rate is typically paid directly to the NCS after each day or week depending on the contract.