Kensington Nanny FAQs: Answers to Common Questions About Our Service

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Find Kensington Nanny Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed below. They serve as a helpful resource. FAQs address common inquiries about our services, processes, and policies. 

At Kensington Nanny, we have a meticulous screening process for potential nannies. This includes comprehensive background checks, thorough reference checks, and detailed interviews. We ensure that nannies have the necessary qualifications, experience, and personality fit for the families we serve.

Absolutely. Thorough background checks are conducted on all nannies. Additionally, references from previous employers can be provided upon request. We prioritize transparency and peace of mind for all our clients. For more information about our screening, go to our Screening page.

Kensington Nanny often recommends nannies with a wealth of experience and qualifications. All nannies are required to hold a current certification in CPR and first aid. Due to our high standards, many Kensington nannies possess child-related degrees or a background in early childhood education. Additionally, most Kensington nannies have many years of experience working with children in various settings.

At Kensington Nanny, we take great care in matching families with nannies who meet their specific needs and preferences. We consider factors such as the child’s age, special requirements, schedule, and the family’s values to ensure a harmonious and successful match. Therefore, it is vital to express all preferences and needs before starting your search.

Our fees and payment structure are transparent and fair. We do not charge any fees to get started. When you hire your nanny, we charge a flat, one-time placement fee with no hidden costs. Families know exactly what to expect in terms of fees when working with Kensington Nanny. For plans and pricing, please go to our Services page.

Certainly. We have numerous testimonials and success stories from satisfied families who have used our services. These examples are a testament to our track record and the level of satisfaction among our clients. Additionally, visit our Reviews page to read our reviews.

We offer a trial period during which both the family and the nanny can assess compatibility. If needed, we work closely with the family to find a suitable replacement to ensure their satisfaction and peace of mind.

At Kensington Nanny, we consider your cultural and language preferences when matching nannies. We strive to ensure effective communication and cultural understanding. It’s our goal to create a harmonious environment for both the family and the nanny.

Yes. In fact, we work closely with families to accommodate any special needs or requirements their child may have. Our goal is to find nannies who are experienced and comfortable with meeting these needs effectively.

Yes. Kensington Nanny offers a range of additional resources for families. This includes a hiring guide, activities and vacation guides, tips for employee communication and management, relationship building, family health, and child safety. We strive to provide holistic support to our clients beyond just nanny placement.

Yes. Kensington Nanny offers training and professional development opportunities for the nannies in our agency. We strive to help them enhance their skills and stay updated on best practices in childcare. This ensures they provide the highest quality of care to the families they serve.

Confidentiality and privacy are paramount at Kensington Nanny. We have strict protocols in place to safeguard our clients’ personal information. Our Agency ensures that private information is handled with the utmost care and discretion. We can also accommodate your family if you require an NDA before engaging our services.

Yes, we can arrange a trial period or initial meeting between families and potential nannies to ensure compatibility and comfort before making a final decision. This process allows both parties to assess the fit and make an informed choice.

If this Kensington Nanny FAQ page did not answer your question, please contact us. Our staff is available 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to assist you. 

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