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Hire a Kensington ROTA Nanny

ROTA Nannies are perfect for families who want care 7 days a week. A ROTA works 7 days on and 7 days off. The Placement search we perform at Kensington Nanny agency is a custom recruiting effort to attract ROTA nannies who are perfect for your needs.

Our expert guidance will help you throughout the process. Plus, you have the freedom to interview and select the ideal nanny while benefiting from our thorough screening process.

We don’t just do a criminal and driving background check. Our nannies are fully screened and evaluated with the below aspects in mind.

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

What is a ROTA Nanny?

ROTA (Rotational) Nanny, noun

  1. An experienced childcare professional who provides 7 days of care every other week. This arrangement involves two nannies working on a rotating schedule, 7 days on then 7 days off.

This setup is beneficial for families requiring around-the-clock childcare and can be suitable for nannies seeking a structured work schedule with built-in time off.

ROTA Nannies work in shifts, allowing for consistent care while accommodating the nannies’ need for time off. They can be live-in or live-out. 

They are familiar with collaborating with the other nanny or a team. Experience requirements and job duties are similar to those of full time nannies.

How our service works:


We start with a consultation to review your needs. Then, we’ll talk directly to candidates on your behalf to determine the best match.

Meet Nannies

The Placement Coordinator reviews the candidates together with you, then the agency schedules your interviews.

Hire Your Nanny

After meeting with the selected Nannies, you choose who you wish to hire. We handle the rest.

Placement Program Fee

We initiate the process with a complimentary custom search, which carries no obligation on your part. This includes assigning you a dedicated family coordinator who will oversee the search, facilitate personal interviews, and assist you throughout the hiring process.

Upon selecting a candidate and confirming your decision to hire, the placement fee becomes payable. 

For ROTA Nanny roles, the placement fee is $6,995 per nanny hired. Payment must be made before the nanny begins working in your home.

Additionally, to provide you with peace of mind, our program includes a 90-day replacement policy. Please note that these placement fees apply per hire.

If you need a rotational nanny for less than 12 months then check out our short-term nanny program.

Choose our service, experience the best perks

We take care of all the intricacies, including scheduling and communication, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters—your family.

Our experts possess the know-how to identify exceptional nannies and can assist in crafting an appealing job opportunity.

With our complimentary hiring tools and resources ensure a streamlined experience for you and your new ROTA Nanny.

Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.

Family Application

Complete the form below to begin your custom Nanny search.

Once you submit the Family Application we will contact you to review it to and understand your needs. Kensington conducts a personalized search. We do not use a database because each family is unique.

No credit card is required on this form.

Learn More about our Plans and Pricing options before you complete the Family Application.

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Kensington Nanny Seal of Approval. This blue seal has the letter k in the center. Kensington is a local nanny agency in South Florida.