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Professional Nanny Interview Tips

The Do's and Dont's

Below are some suggestions and nanny interview tips to hopefully help you have a better chance to get the job!

First impressions matter. Based on much family feedback, here are some of the reasons why a family didn’t consider the nanny:

  • The Nanny did not arrive on time. (Ring the bell 3- minutes early. Give yourself extra 20 minutes of drive time in case of unexpected delays.
  • The Nanny did not play with our children. She did not talk to them or try to make friends?
  • The Nanny was not wearing appropriate clothing. (They do not like shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, leggings, suits, large jewelry/earrings, very long fingernails, etc.)
  • The Nanny was not able to tell us about her childcare experience.
  • Her resume did not match what she said.

Conducting a Professional Interview

The agency gives the family the resume you gave to us. But be prepared to bring your resume, letters of recommendation and any pictures of the children you cared for. This section goes into detail about our nanny interview tips. Lean on the expertise of a local, South Florida agency that’s been around for over 20 years.


For our first nanny interview tip, it is up to you to successfully prepare for your family interview.

Here are some ways you can prepare:

    • Be prepared to give a clear and concise response about your experience, including examples of your job duties.
    • Practice summarizing your employment history including who you worked for, what dates you worked for them and what your job duties were.
    • Carefully read the job description again before you meet the family.
    • Cover all tattoos and remove all piercings.
    • Be sure to have clean and done hair and do not over-apply makeup.
    • Wear appropriate attire. No shorts above the knee, t-shirts, low-cut shirts, big jewelry, high-heels, flip-flops, yoga pants, jeans or power suits.
    • Do not wear scented perfumes or lotions.



If you have them, it’s a good idea to take your childcare resume, letters of recommendation or any childcare-related certifications that you would like for the family to see. Despite the fact that the agency may already provide them, bring your documents in an organized manner shows the family you are motivated and professional. Therefore, bring copies to earn the best first impression.


While interviewing, families want to know how you will help their child to achieve developmental milestones. What will be your daily, weekly, and monthly educational and socialization goals? Why does that make you the perfect hire?

Therefore, it’s important to prepare to give examples of what development plans you will implement to address the child’s educational learning, socialization, and emotional development needs.


Turn your cell phone OFF, or leave it in the car.


This nanny interview tip may seem obvious, but it’s so important! Again, this is the very first impression the family has about you. It always impacts your chance of getting the job. If you are late, the family will most likely not hire you.

To make sure you arrive on time, plan to arrive 30 minutes early. (It’s okay to wait in your car!) It’s best to knock on the door no earlier than 8-5 minutes before your interview time.


It’s a good idea to refer to yourself correctly as a “Nanny,” not a babysitter.


For the last nanny interview tip, bring 2-3 questions to the interview. Please note: sometimes a family will change some job duties as they go through the hiring process. Its important that the agency be notified of any changes to the schedule or job duties in this case.

In Summary

To ace a nanny interview, it’s crucial to make a positive first impression by arriving on time, interacting warmly with the children, and dressing appropriately. Nannies should be prepared to discuss their childcare experience clearly and have their resume, recommendation letters, and childcare certifications on hand. Ensuring personal grooming is up to professional standards is important, with an emphasis on clean hair and minimal makeup.

Prior to the interview, it’s essential to review the job description, cover any tattoos, and remove piercings. During the interview, nannies should turn off their phones and be ready to detail how they will help the child reach developmental milestones. Asking thoughtful questions. We hope these nanny interview tips have been insightful. Good luck! We know you will ace the  interview!

Please call or text the agency after your interview. We want to know how it went!  561-923-0856.