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Kensington Nanny Family References

Since 2003, families have trusted Kensington to help them find a great nanny.

Elaina Family Reference

Esperanza has been amazing. She very quickly became a part of our family and was a huge help as I recovered from my injury. I can’t thank her enough, and I appreciate the agency being able to help me in a pinch! - Mrs. Brown


Teresa was FANTASTIC. I would like to write a review for her. How can I do that? - Mrs. Farrell


Hi Victoria! Our nanny was amazing!!! I absolutely love the service which you provide, it makes my life so much easier. THANK YOU!!! - Mrs. Baxter


This is the most professional agency I have worked with in my 12 years of experience in South Florida. I’m blessed, thank you" - Ms. Silvana D.


I hope all is well. Gloria is a God-send, thank you again for her." - Mr. Justin B.


Hi Angela, I hope you are enjoying your summer. Just wanted to let you know that Astin is great! She is very helpful." - Mrs. Rojeanne B.


"Mariana has been wonderful. We really think she is fantastic! We will absolutely look to work with you again on our future visits..." - Mr. Gregory N.


"I wanted to tell you how wonderful Rose has been for us. She truly is an incredible nanny and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with you placing her with me. Thanks so much!" - Mrs. Katherine H.


"I wanted to quickly let you know that I love the nannies you sent Saturday and we were super happy. The kids raved about them and I can’t wait to use them again for our 9 children!" - Mrs. Puja G.


Just a quick note to rave about the excellent experience you continue to provide with Kensington. Silvana was wonderful on Wednesday the kids loved her - thanks for helping to make this working mom’s life so much easier!" - Ms. Shannon H.


"Sherly is doing a fantastic job, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for her. My son just loves her and so do we. She goes above and beyond daily!" - Mrs. Marie K.


"Jania is amazing!!! She has made settling in and adjusting very easy! I definitely had a wonderful experience with you and your company; and will gladly provide a stellar reference for Kensington." - Dr. Mimi W.


"Kensington helped in many ways. We were not sure if a nanny was right for us, but now we are so happy we picked Becky!" -Dr. Joe M.


"Kacey was well worth the money and then some. My husband and I would definitely use your services again in the future and would love it if she could return. She was very neat and extremely friendly. I thank you so much for sending her to us. Have a good day and pass on our thanks to her as well." - Melissa G.

"We Love our Kensington Nanny; she is awesome with our children!" - Susan A.

"Kensington had quick service and good candidates from interview standpoint. I choose from the first group of candidates." - Dr. John M., Florida


"Thank you for your wonderful nanny services! As a resident of Washington State traveling to South Florida on business, I wanted to make sure that my 3 month old was properly cared for while I was working. Kensington Nanny provided me with a wonderful Nanny. I felt secure knowing that my daughter was having fun and was cared for to my specifications. Thank you for making these arrangements and helping me to be worry free during my business trip. I highly recommend your service and will use you each time I come to South Florida!" - Shelley H. Seattle, Washington


"I just wanted to thank you! The nanny you sent was fabulous; I knew that everything was going to be fine when she came with a bag of toys. Abby bonded with her immediately and had a wonderful time in her care. You offer a great service and you gave my husband and me a much needed break." - Sarah T. Alexandria, Virginia, Embassy Suites Hotel - Jacksonville, Florida


"Lisa (our placement coordinator) was great and very responsive. We are thrilled with our nanny!" - Julie R., Palm Beach, Florida


I am a huge fan of Kensington Nanny Services. I use the on call babysitting services for those late nights I have to spend at the office. - Candida W. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Working mother of two



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Kensington Nanny placement agency with heart

"Dear Kensington, You have made a first-time Mom feel great about leaving her son with a great nanny. I will definitely tell all my friends to call you!"  - Susan J.


"It's nice to have such a professional agency in the area. Everything you have done for us has been Top Notch. Thank you." - Richard W.


Finally, a service that understands my schedule needs. Thank you Kensington!" - Dr. Alan F.


"Maria is a fantastic new member of our family!" - Katie S.


"Overall a very positive experience. We are very happy with Deanna. She is a perfect fit for our family!" - Celeste B.

Dr. Besos recommendation

"Your services are exceptional. We are pleased with all you have done for our family."  Cynthia and John D.

"What a wonderful service you provided. Thank you for your help." - Alberta J.

"I visited Ft. Lauderdale recently and required a sitter for my two children. I just wanted to let you know that my children are still talking about the great sitter they had. I will definitely call you next time we're in town." - Maria V., Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you for helping me with my nanny search. My husband and I are very pleased with your service." - Laura W.

"I just want you to know that my Nanny is great. We are very happy, and so are our children!" - Sandra N.

"My three hour gift a week of uninterrupted errand and office time is absolutely invaluable to me now. I can honestly say when I leave I do not have a worry in the world. I trust Sonia as I would my own mother caring for my children. She is truly a gifted professional and comes with our highest level of recommendation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Caren H.

"My guest has used Kensington Nanny and Home Services before and was very pleased with the response and services that was given to them. We at the Hampton Inn observed the interaction the Nanny had with the baby and also the Front Desk. She was very well spoken, very professional, and just an all around wonderful person." - Candice L., Asst. General Manager at Hampton Inn 

"Sorry for the delayed feedback about Michelle, but she was super sweet and did a great job with my children. My 2 year old didn’t even cry when we left and he wasn’t crying when we got home. I would like to request her again for an on call Nanny coming up. I will try to get my dates together and see if she is available. Again, than you so much for spending us Michelle she was a great Nanny." - Lisa P.

"The service my family received while visiting South Florida from Kensington Nanny Service was Excellent. While here, we had a nanny from Kensington Nanny Service come and stay with my 19 month old boy on December 31, 2014. She was dressed well and very polite. You could tell right away she is good with children. She brought a little bag with some toys and books for the children. She arrived early and she was willing to stay later then scheduled if it was necessary. It feels good to be able to leave my son and be comfortable knowing he is being taken care of by a good nanny. I highly recommend Kensington Nanny Service and will definitely use the service again the next time on vacation in Florida." Sincerely, Skyla B.

"...[Kensington] offers unique services designed specifically to fit your family’s needs and uses industry leading screening procedures... They are definitely next level..." City Blog of Jacksonville, Florida