Quick Reference Guide

for Hiring and Working with a Nanny in South Florida

Download this free guide to learn about what is common and not common when hiring a nanny in South Florida. This guide contains local salary ranges, what are the typical job duties and requirements, and more.

Getting Started

When you’re read to meet nannies select the “Get Started for FREE” button below. We will start by conducting a FREE Nanny search. If you are happy with the candidates we’ve selected for you, then you can begin interviewing right away. You’ll set the pay rate, hours and work schedule for your Nanny employee. 

Why do we start with a free search?

For two reasons. First, we want to ensure that we can make a satisfactory placement based on the needs indicated to us. Second, we want you to be confident that Kensington is sending South Florida’s top candidates in terms of education, experience and references.