Part-time Infant Nanny Job in Palm Beach, #2224


Palm Beach Island



1 baby, due on Feb 15




Monday and Friday, 9am-5pm

Job Description

We have a very sweet family on Palm Beach Island seeking an experienced Part-Time Infant Nanny to provide enriching childcare for a 1-month-old baby on Mondays and Fridays each week. This is a long-term position. The ideal candidate must have a background in infant and toddler care, and preferably possess knowledge in child development or Montessori teaching. 


  • Handle all tasks related to the infant, including feeding, sanitizing bottles, changing diapers, and ensuring a consistent nap schedule. 
  • Provide attentive care for the baby, reading, walks, and age-appropriate activities.
  • Take the baby to scheduled classes and outings as required, fostering their social and developmental growth as they get older.
  • Attend to all aspects of infant hygiene, including washing baby clothes, toys, and bottles regularly.

Pay Rate 


Start Date

March 1, 2024

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